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The Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) urges all Illinois citizens to vote in the upcoming Consolidated Election on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

The first day to apply to the Will County Clerk's Office to Vote-by-Mail is January 6, 2021. 


The first day to vote early in person is February 25, 2021 at the Will County Clerk's Office, 302 N. Chicago St., Joliet, Illinois. 60432.  

February 25, 2021 is when the Will County Clerk's Office starts mailing out Vote-by-Mail ballots to all Will County Registered voters who have applied in person, by mail or through the Will County Clerk's Office website at On-line Vote-by-Mail Application

For further information regarding early voting sites or voting by mail, please contact the Will County Clerk’s Office, located at 302 N. Chicago Street in Joliet, Illinois 60423 by telephone at 815-740-4620, fax at 815-740-4699, or visit their website: In addition, you may contact Nella Piccolin, Frankfort Township Clerk, at 815-469-4907.

For further information regarding candidates running in the upcoming election, you may contact Joe Kral, FTRO Chairperson, at 773-490-3378.




FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS (May 16, 2010):  At the Lincoln-Way East High School’s Seniors Awards night on May 11, 2010, the Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) was proud to present the first of two scholarship awards to Vanessa Stokes to help her pursue her goal to become a teacher by getting a college degree in education.  The check was made payable to Illinois State University to further her goal.

Vanessa Stokes is the daughter of Mark and Sharon Stokes of Mokena.  She is the oldest child and only daughter of her family.  She was voted by the FTRO to receive the award based upon the essay she wrote, which was one of 12 that were submitted.  Her essay can be viewed on the FTRO website:  Vanessa’s photo can be viewed by clicking on the website: under Events.

As a member of the FTRO Scholarship Committee, Margo McDermed, Frankfort Township Clerk and FTRO Committeeman, presented the award.

The FTRO Scholarship fund was founded last year by former Mayor Ray Rossi.  As a result of Ray’s vision, hard work, and persistence, the FTRO established two scholarships to be awarded annually to one high school senior graduating from Lincoln-Way East and one student graduating from Lincoln-Way North High Schools to offer financial assistance to students living in our community who seek higher education to better their future.

Ray Rossi and his wife Terri have demonstrated their firm commitment to support excellence and achievement in both academics and sports by the work they have done to better our local schools, Terri by working for the Lincoln-Way school district to promote education, and Ray by coaching wrestling. The FTRO shares this view and endorses growth through higher education for high school student graduates.

On May 18th, the FTRO will present a scholarship award to the high school senior who will win the second FTRO scholarship at a ceremonial service at LincoIn-Way North High School.

For further information about the FTRO, please contact Ed Ronkowski, FTRO Chairman at 708-479-4417; Nella Piccolin, FTRO Vice-Chairman, at 815-469-4996; or visit our website at

FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS (May 25, 2010):Molly Beil, daughter of Rich and Angie Beil of Frankfort, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship toward her college education on May 18 at Lincoln-Way North High School by the Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) based upon the essay she submitted to us.Margo McDermed, Frankfort Township Clerk, FTRO Committeeman and a member of the FTRO Scholarship Committee, presented the check to Molly.


The check, made payable to Illinois State University, will be used by Molly to advance her goal to get a college degree in Public Relations, focusing upon advertising, in the School of Communication.

Last summer, Molly and her friend Lauren raised $1,725 for Rapha House, an organization in Cambodia dedicated to rescuing and educating young women who are victims of sex trafficking and slavery.Through their youth group at church, they initiated a fundraising program in which volunteers provided beauty services (e.g., hair, nails, and makeup) for students prior to the homecoming dances at three local high schools.The event was so successful that Molly’s church is instituting this as an annual fundraising event for Rapha House.Molly said, “We are not only raising awareness of a global issue, but we are doing our part to change the world.”


Molly’s essay can be viewed on the FTRO, and her photo can be viewed by clicking on the under Events.

Founded last year by former Frankfort Mayor Ray Rossi, the Frankfort Scholarship Fund will provide two annual scholarships: one to a senior from Lincoln-Way East High School and one to a senior from Lincoln-Way North High School.The Scholarship Fund was established to encourage higher education for local graduates in order to foster FTRO’s belief in education and commitment to the community.

For further information, please contact FTRO Chairman Ed Ronkowski at 708-479-4417, FTRO Vice Chairman Nella Piccolin at 815-469-4996, or visit


 FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS (APRIL 21, 2010):  The Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) showed its muscle by participating in the Annual MOKENA CLEAN UP DAYto beautify our community which was held on Saturday, April 17th.  The event was run by Mokena Mayor Joe Werner who is a Frankfort Township Republican Committeeman. 

 Participants met at 9:00 a.m. at the Mokena Village Hall and were offered free hot dogs, chips and soda pop after work was completed at noon.

 The FTRO members participating in the event planted wild seeds on two lots off of Wolf Road in Mokena and planted three trees.  Their names include:  Ed Ronkowski (FTRO Chairman and Committeeman), Margo McDermed (Frankfort Township Clerk and FTRO Committeeman), Bob Mathews (FTRO Treasurer and Committeeman), Peggy Mathews (Republican Election Judge), Greg Griffin (Frankfort Township Trustee  and FTRO Committeeman), Scott Ward (FTRO Committeeman), Joe Kral (Frankfort Township Assessor) and Brad Brink (FTRO Friend promoting Adam Kinzinger for Congress in Adam’s upcoming campaign).

 The FTRO strives to beautify the neighborhood through its Adopt-A-Highway program, held in partnership with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), by encouraging citizen volunteers to pick up trash to keep our roadsides clean and to educate people to stop littering. 

 If you need further information about the FTRO, please contact Ed Ronkowski, Chairman FTRO, at 708-479-2302; Nella Piccolin, Vice Chairman FTRO at 815-469-4996; or visit the FTRO Website:


Hi fellow conservatives!

The FTRO will be marching at the Frankfort Fall Fest parade on Sunday, September 5th and we need your support! It is the FIRST YEAR the FTRO has ever submitted an entry in the Fall Festival parade.

All FTRO Committeemen are formally and officially requested to participate in this parade. If you cannot attend it yourself, please send a substitute in your place. For those committeemen who find it difficult to walk, you can ride in either the FTRO bus, Kordell Mayhall’s army truck (which he has kindly loaned and was used in the Mokena 4th of July Parade), or Nella Piccolin’s bus. No decorations are needed for any of these entries—just bodies!

This is our community and we need to come out showing our strength in support of the FTRO and our conservative Republican candidates!

The Fall Fest parade will begin at 1:00 p.m., and participants must be at the Borg-Warner Building, located at 300 S. Maple St. in Frankfort, NO LATER than 12:30 p.m.

We appreciate all supporters you can gather (such as family members, friends, children and pets) to show support and unison for the FTRO (and Republicans).

At the Mokena 4th of July parade, the FTRO displayed an entry for the first time and it was a HUGE success.  A special thank you must be extended to Dale Sherwin for riding his  buggy and Kordell Mayhall for loaning us his impressive military vehicle. We received a very favorable response from the crowd, too!  We are grateful to all those who participated in this parade and rallied around us

For further information about the parade, please contact  Nella Piccolin at 815-469-4996.

Please come join us and walk (or ride) for the FTRO and/or one of our conservative Republican candidates.  Kids and pets are welcome, too!

Thank you very much for your support!

Nancy G. Murphy


Frankfort Township Scholarship Applications Must Be Recieved by March 25, 2011

FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS (March 9, 2011):  The Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) is offering two scholarships to graduating seniors at Lincoln-Way North and Lincoln-Way East High Schools for 2011.  This scholarship is offered every year by the FTRO and was spearheaded and implemented by the efforts of Ray Rossi, former Frankfort Mayor and newly-elected Will County 5th Subcircuit Judge  who served as a member of the FTRO.

In order to qualify for the scholarship, the applicant must be a resident of Frankfort Township and be accepted into an accredited trade school, college or university by the Fall of 2011.   Applicants to the scholarship will need to fill out a simple application form, obtainable at their high school, and submit a short essay by March 25, 2011 to the Frankfort Township Republican Organization and mail it to 20821 Briarwood Lane, Mokena, IL 60448.

The scholarship applicants will be determined by a panel of judges.  Scholarship winners of both high schools will each receive a check payable to the trade school, college or university in which he/she chooses to attend.

The FTRO is proud to advance these scholarship opportunities to local high school students, and to adopt the FTRO’s ideal, in support of Ray Rossi’s intent, to promote a better community and government by providing further higher education to our own upcoming graduates.

For further information, please contact Ed Ronkowski, FTRO Chairman at 708-479-4417, or visit

About the Frankfort Township Republican Organization

The FTRO encourages citizen participation in the political process, supports Constitutional rights, and works to elect honest candidates who are fiscally conservative.



FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS (June 2, 2011): The Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) is hosting its seventeenth annual fundraiser on Thursday, June 23, 2011 from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at Tommy Nevin’s Pub, located at 9860 Lincolnway Lane (off of LaGrange Road) in Frankfort to raise money for our organization to elect fiscally conservative candidates, such as State Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno and United States Representative Adam Kinzinger to win in the upcoming 2012 election.

As a result of the recent Democrat remap, we stand to lose both of our elected officials.

In addition to bolstering our support for fiscally conservative candidates, we will use the money to grant each year two scholarship awards to seniors graduating from Lincoln-Way East High School and Lincoln-Way North High School to further their goals to pursue higher education.

To attend this event, there is a cost of $35 per person and $60 per couple. Tickets may be purchased at the door. While dinner is included, there will be a cash bar.

We welcome all citizens who wish to attend this event to support our organization and our goals. Please come and join us!

If you need further information, please contact: Ed Ronkowski, FTRO Chairman at 708-479-4417; or visit the FTRO website:

About the Frankfort Township Republican Organization

The FTRO encourages citizen participation in the political process, supports Constitutional rights, and works to elect honest candidates who are fiscally conservative.


 The Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) encourages all citizens to vote in the Illinois General Election on Tuesday, November 6th and to elect fiscally-conservative candidates in Illinois and Washington, D.C. who favor smaller government.

We have suffered, and are continuing to suffer, a severe recession in which we have witnessed the U.S. government spending trillions of dollars to bail out (and own) corporations, as well as spending excessively on programs such as the stimulus packages, while escalating the costs and taxes for middle-class Americans working in the private sector and saddling us, our children and their children with an unsustainable national debt for the future. In addition, the current administration and representatives steam-rolled through congress a mammoth monstrosity of a health care bill, exempting them from participation, which most members of congress hadn’t even read, despite the protests of a majority of citizens who didn’t want it. As a result of the passage of this bill, it has forced health insurance rates to be increased, reduced coverage options, is laden with hidden taxes, and is detrimental to the American public in providing a valuable health care program.

This administration has crippled the production of national growth through added revenue due to excessive taxation and the loss of jobs. Unemployment is up and business hiring is down because businesses are afraid to spend their capital on investment or employment due to their uncertainty of future governmental dictates and taxation.

We in the Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) believe that smaller government and less taxation promote economic growth and prosperity to our nation. In addition, we believe in the growth of businesses, both large and small, because business is the engine which spurs growth. Business creates jobs which fuels growth by providing lower unemployment, more spending money for the American citizen and it results in greater tax revenues being collected by the government to spend toward reducing the national deficit.

As conservatives, we believe in fostering capitalism, the right of the individual, freedom to express our voices, and fostering a climate where private and corporate businesses can prosper and grow. In addition, we promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans.

We urge all citizens to: vote; volunteer for at least one candidate who they endorse by walking, distributing literature and/or donating money to their candidate’s campaign coffers.  In addition, we urge you to talk to friends and family members who support our conservative beliefs of less taxation, less governmental spending, and better representation to preserve our individual liberty.

If you are interested and want to join us because you share our principles and want to learn further about how to help fiscally-conservative candidates in our upcoming election, please call us at 708-479-4417.

FTRO Meeting Location


Old Frankfort Township Government Building
11008 W. Lincoln Hwy / U.S. 30
Frankfort, IL 60423